Chris Huntington


This is the home page of the author of Mike Tyson Slept Here, an award-winning novel published by Boaz in 2011.  Chris Huntington has been described as a “half-Chinese combination of Faust and Charlie Brown,” and his book has been described in similar terms.   Mike Tyson Slept Here is a fictionalized version of the ten years Chris Huntington spent working in the American prison system and has been called both “a desperate note carved into the desktop of a schoolroom everyone must pretend does not exist” and at the same time “a quirky and hilarious workplace comedy.” 

Ten years in the making, Mike Tyson Slept Here is a sharp look at prison, love, and what it’s like to be in both at once.

“for taking us into into a world our literature so rarely deigns to visit, and for doing so with empathy and humor and not one atom of condescension, and for knowing so intimately all his characters’ fears and hopes, and for being able to express them to us so scarily well, Chris huntington deserves some kind of medal --possibly all of them.

Tom Bissell, 
author of Extra Lives and The Father of All Things